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For a contrail enthusiast, I picked the wrong place to live. We hardly ever get persistent contrails here in the summer, but things have been picking up a bit as we go into fall, and today we had this:. A very nice triple set of contrails of three planes that, within about minutes of each other flew north along the same flight path. This was taken today, October 26th, , at around It looks a lot stranger in this photo than it did in real-life. Firstly the middle trail peters out on the right of the photo the south. This is probably to do with the jet changing altitude.

We spend a lot of time in the City of Angels, therefore this section is continuously russian dating los angeles with new and updated reviews as time permits. Monday is the worst day to spend visiting museums in Los Angeles as by numbers, most of the museums are closed but not all. The small museums often maintain very limited hours. This ground floor museum was originally located in a tiny space on Wilshire Blvd among Museum Row and is where we first visited.

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Between to drive to get there and a plan to beat the traffic we did not have enough time to do this museum justice. There are at least three major buildings holding exhibits and a huge variety of remarkable art and special exhibits. We visited the outdoor art exhibits here because it was a sunny day so we didn't want to waste our daylight inside the museum. I can't speak to the indoor exhibits. We enjoyed walking around in the sunshine looking at the statues and exhibits outside My teenager said this was his favorite museum visit. Big, beautiful buildings were empty at 10am on Saturday.