EA among the most hated companies in America





According to a new survey

In 2017 it was certainly not the best year for the acceptance and public opinion of the Electronic Arts gamers. In addition to the intense Cretas that received Mass Effect: Andomeda in the middle of the year, with animation problems to make the round of the internet, the year for the company was completed with the closure of the popular Visceral Games development team and the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II. The reactions that sparked the game about how loot boxes and microtransactions were embedded were so intense that they reached up to the mainstream media, with foreign television networks spending time on the subject.

The Static and Investor Relations Company for Investors, ’24 / 7 Wall St. ‘, using various information, such as major events from last year, Consumer Views and the American Customer Satisfaction Index, views from Glassdoor employees and special questionnaires, determined the most hateful companies in America.

The giant publishing company Electronic Arts has managed to find itself in the top five. Specifically, it is the fifth most hated company in America, with NFL and Fox Entertainment Group topping the list.

No company executive has made any statements at the moment. It is worth noting that in 2013 and 2012 EA was voted the worst company in America. The CEO of then had pointed out that the publisher has made mistakes and will try to make his image in the future.



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